Foundationalism and Its Discontents

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Join us for our third annual symposium as we consider the issue of  “Foundationalism and Its Discontents”.

Dates: November 15-16, 2012

Location: Chicago, IL (DePaul Center 8010, 1 East Jackson Boulevard)

Keynote address: Nancey Murphy (Fuller Theological Seminary)

November 15, 2012
8:30am – Welcome and Prayer

9:00-10:30am – Session 1
-Timothy J. Golden  (West Chester University of Pennsylvania)
-Alexander Carpenter (Pacific Union College)

10:30-12:00pm – Session 2
-Karen Abrahamson (Andrews University)
-Ron Osborn (University of Southern California)
-Charles Scriven (Kettering College of Medical Arts)

12:00-1:30pm – Lunch

1:30-3:00pm – Session 3
-Nicholas Miller (Andrews Theological Seminary)
-Hans Gutierrez (Italian Adventist College)

3:00-5:00pm – Session 4
“Modern Epistemology and the Possibility of Theology”
Nancey Murphy (Fuller Theological Seminary)

Roundtable discussion (with Anne Collier-Freed, Fritz Guy, Nancey Murphy, and Richard Rice)

5:30pm – Dinner followed by casual after dinner discussion of papers

November 16, 2012

3:30pm – Business meeting*

*Meeting will take place at McCormick Place, Room N 426 b.

Registration: Please register by e-mailing The registration fee is $50 for non-society members and $25 for members. Payments can be made here or at the conference, but please register by sending us an e-mail. (Space is limited this year and priority will be given to society members.) The fee is waived for conference presenters and those who have already made a contribution to the organization of the conference.

Accommodations: Conference participants are responsible for their own meals, lodging and transportation. For more information about possible options, click here.

Society Gathers in San Francisco for Second Annual Symposium

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From left to right: Alex Carpenter, Roy Benton, Ben MacArthur, Fritz Guy, Zane Yi, Gary Wood, Abigail Doukhan, Trisha Famisaran, Zdrako Plantak, Ron Osborn, Shawna Vhymeister, Jim Londis, Ante Jeroncic, John Markovic, Tennyson Samraj (not pictured: Tiago Arrias, Bruce Benson, Bonnie Dwyer, Shirley Freed, Oliver Glanz, Hanz Gutierrez, Maury Jackson, Wonil Kim, Nicolas Miller, Gonzalo Pita, John Reeve, Richard Rice, Aleksandar S. Santrac, Charles Scriven, and James Walters.)

“A new intellectual force for good, truth and beauty is organizing in Adventism. Toward these ultimate ends, and for fellowship, dozens of folks of all ages have gathered in San Francisco for the second annual conference the Society of Adventist Philosophers. The papers and panel discussions focused often on the official topical question, does educating Seventh-day Adventists about philosophy offer promise or peril? Losely connected with the Adventist Society for Religious Studies, which meets as a part of the massive Society of Biblical Literature and American Academy of Religion meetings, this small group of Adventists interested in philosophy drew papers from faculty and administrators at a variety of Adventist educational institutions, including Southwestern, La Sierra, Pacific Union College, Kettering College of Medical Arts, Loma Linda University, Washington Adventist University, Andrews University, Canadian University College, and the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies in the Philippines…”

You can read more of Spectrum’s report of the conference here.

Teaching Philosophy: Promise or Peril?

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Join us for our second annual symposium as we consider the question “Teaching Philosophy: Promise or Peril?”.

Dates: November 17-18, 2011

Location: San Francisco, CA (Eucharist Commons, 285 Main Street)

Keynote address: Bruce Benson (Wheaton College).

November 17, 2011
9:00am – Welcome and Prayer
9:30-11:00am – Session 1

-Abigail Doukhan  (Queens College, CUNY)
-Tennyson Samraj (Canadian University College)

11:00-12:30pm – Session 2

-Aleksandar S. Santrac (University of the Southern Caribbean)
-Hans Gutierrez (Italian Adventist College)

12:30pm – Lunch

2:00-3:30pm – Session 3

-Zane Yi (Fordham University, Ph.D. candidate)
-Gonzalo Pita (Florida Institute of Technology, Ph.D. candidate)

4:00-5:30pm – Session 4

-Richard Rice (Loma Linda University)
-Shawna Vhymeister (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies)

6:30pm – Dinner followed by casual after dinner discussion of papers

November 18, 2011
8:30-10:00am – Session 5

-Jim Londis (Kettering College of Medical Arts)
-Gary Land/Gary Wood (Andrews University)
-Ben McArthur (Southwestern Adventist University)

10:15-11:45pm – Panel Session – Where do we go from here?
12:00pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Keynote address – “Christian Philosophy as a Way of Life”

-Bruce Benson (Wheaton College)*

3:30pm – Business meeting*

*Meeting will take place at Moscone Center West, Room #2009.

Registration: Please register by e-mailing The registration fee is $50 for non-society members and $25 for members. (The fee is waived for conference presenters and those who have already made a contribution to the organization of the conference.)

Accommodations: Conference participants are responsible for their own meals, lodging and transportation. For more information about possible options, click here.

2011 Call for Papers

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The  Society of Adventist Philosophers invites submissions for papers and panels to be presented at its annual symposium.

Theme: Teaching Philosophy: Peril or Promise?
Date: November 17-18, 2011
Location: San Francisco, California
Confirmed Presenters: Gary Land (Andrews University), Jim Londis (Kettering College of Medical Arts), Ben McArthur (Southwestern University), Richard Rice (Loma Linda University), Aleksander Santrac (University of the Southern Caribbean), Tennyson Samraj (Canadian University College), and Gary Wood (Andrews University)
Keynote address:  Bruce Benson (Wheaton College)

We invite authors to submit abstracts or papers reflecting on the perils and/or the promise of teaching philosophy at Adventist colleges, universities or seminaries.  Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Historic and contemporary views on the value and dangers of studying/teaching philosophy by Adventists
  • The benefits of studying/teaching philosophy for Adventism
  • The problems and/or challenges of teaching philosophy in an Adventist context
  • Pedagogical considerations and methods for effectively teaching philosophy in Adventist universities or seminaries
  • Potential problems and pitfalls for studying/teaching philosophy as an Adventist
  • The experience of Adventists studying/teaching philosophy at non-Adventist institutions

Submission Guidelines:

Paper abstracts and panel proposals of up to 300 words should be submitted by July 31, 2011 to Paper length should not exceed 10 pages double-spaced or 3000 words.

Notice of acceptance will be sent by August 15, 2011.

Adventists Scholars Gather for Inaugural Philosophy Symposium

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From left to right: (top) Fernando Aranda Fraga, Fritz Guy, Olive Hemmings, Zack Plantak, Charles Scriven, David Larson, Tennyson Samraj (bottom) Maury Jackson, Abigail Doukhan, Aleksandar Santrac, Zane Yi, Trisha Famisaran, Christian Wannenmacher, Oliver Glanz, Jim Walters (not pictured: Hanz Gutierrez, Nicolas Miller, John Reeve, and Fabrizo Tartaro)



Atlanta, GA — November 18-19, 2010: An international group of Seventh-day Adventist professors, pastors, and graduate students met to present and discuss papers addressing the relevance of philosophy for Adventist thought and practice and to formally organize as a philosophical society. Participants came from Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States.

Papers addressed issues ranging from epistemology to philosophy of culture that related to the theme of the symposium–“Adventism and the  Love of Wisdom.” “I appreciated the variety and quality of the papers that were presented at this conference,” comments Fernando Aranda Fraga. “The issues that were analyzed and discussed are highly relevant for our church; we need more of this kind of multidisciplinary approach and more dialogue between theology and other disciplines like philosophy. In the end, conversations like this will contribute greatly to the mission of the church in our hyper-modern and post-modern world.” Dr. Aranda is a political philosopher and researcher at the University of Montemorelos in Mexico.

Several important decisions were made during the business meeting that followed the paper presentations. The name “Society of Adventist Philosophers” was discussed and accepted. The wording of the society’s mission/purpose statement was discussed and refined. Also discussed and voted upon were criterion for membership in the society, dues, and the constitution of the advisory board. Members of the current steering committee, appointed last year at the initial organizational meeting in New Orleans, were asked to continue serving another year as an executive committee. The committee will work to implement the decisions made during the business meetings, to formalize a constitution and by-laws, as well as to plan the next symposium.

The meetings also provided a valuable time of networking and fellowship. Christian Wannenmacher reflects, “I am glad to have made it to Atlanta for the conference. I appreciated the respectful environment to present my ideas about a necessary reconciliation of leading concepts in our Church. Beyond this, I enjoyed the numerous conversations, networking with like-minds, and the development of new friendships.” Wannenmacher is completing his doctoral studies in philosophy at Ludwig Maximilan Universität München and lectures at Friedensau Adventist University in Germany.

The society plans to meet again in November 2011 in San Francisco for a symposium devoted to an examination of teaching of philosophy in the context of Seventh-day Adventist secondary education.  Details about the conference and a call for papers are forthcoming.

The Society of Adventist Philosophers is a growing network of Adventist students and professionals interested in and engaged in this field of study.

For additional information, e-mail:, or visit

Adventism and the Love of Wisdom: Athens and Jerusalem Revisited

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Join us this year for our inaugural symposium as we consider the question “Why Philosophy?” and officially organize as a society.

Dates: November 18-19, 2010

Location: Atlanta, GA (Atlanta Marriot Downtown – 160 Spring Street NW, Athena room). A working meeting will be held on the 19th will be held at Atlanta Public Library Central Branch – 1 Margaret Mitchell Square, 3rd floor.)

Presenters: Fernando Aranda Fraga (University of Montemorelos), Abigail Doukhan (Queens College, CUNY), Fritz Guy (LaSierra University), Maury Jackson (LaSierra University), Aleksandar S. Santrac (University of the Southern Caribbean), and Charles Scriven (Kettering College of Medical Arts).

A keynote address will be given by Christian Wannemacher (Ludwig Maximilians Universität München).

November 18, 2010
8:45am – Welcome
9:00am – 10:20am  – Session 1
-Abigail Doukhan – “Ellen White and the Love of Wisdom”
-Aleksandar S. Santrac – “Beyond Post-modernism”
10:30am – 12:00pm – Session 2
-Charles Scriven – “Authority and Evidence: Faith and the Post-Christian Master Narrative”
-Maury Jackson – “The Heresy that Tertullian Overlooked”
12:00pm – 1:00pm – Lunch
1:00pm – 2:30pm – Session 3
-Fernando Aranda Fraga – “Jerusalem and Athens: Two Cities, Two Worldviews, Two Schools of Thought”
-Fritz Guy – “Philosophy, Theology, and Kenosis”
2:30pm – 4:00pm – Keynote address
-Christian Wannenmacher – “Adventism and the Love of Wisdom”
4:15pm – 6:45pm – Business meeting
7:00pm – Dinner at Truva (60 Andrew Young International Blvd.)

November 19, 2010
9:00am – 12:00pm – Working meeting (for members of the executive committee, advisory board, and those interested in serving on a sub-committee)

Registration: Please register by posting a comment below or e-mailing The registration fee is $25. (The fee is waived for presenters and those who have already made a contribution for the organization of this conference.)

Accommodations: Conference participants are responsible for their own meals, lodging, and transportation.

Call for Papers

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The Society of Adventist Philosophers* invites submission of papers to be presented at its inaugural symposium.

Theme: “Athens and Jerusalem Revisited: Adventism and the Love of Wisdom”

Date: November 18-19, 2010
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

As we seek to formally organize as a philosophical society this November, we welcome papers addressing the question “Why Philosophy?” from a variety of perspectives. More specifically, papers should explore the relevance, role, and value of philosophical study and reflection in the life of Adventist scholarship, education, and mission. We invite papers addressing relevant ethical/social/political, epistemological/hermeneutical, and metaphysical issues, as well as papers that engage a figure or problem from the history of philosophy and their relation to Adventist theology and/or praxis. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Current philosophical problems within Adventism
  • Influence of philosophy on the development of Adventist beliefs and theology
  • Biblical hermeneutics and hermeneutic phenomenology (Heidegger, Gadamer, and Ricoeur)
  • Adventist mission and ideological challenges in culture
  • The role of philosophy in Adventist higher education
  • Adventist philosophy of culture
  • Adventist understandings of ontology
  • Adventist understandings of epistemology
  • Relations Between Adventist thinking/thinkers and philosophers

Submission Guidelines:

Submission deadline: Sunday, August 1, 2010

Length: 10 pages double spaced or 3000 words; abstracts (200-300 words) are also welcome

Format: Suitable for blind review. No identifying information should appear within the paper or abstract. List your name, institutional affiliation, preferred contact information, paper title, and a brief (200-300 word) abstract in the body of your e-mail (in that order). The subject line should be ‘SAP Symposium Submission’, and the paper should be emailed in .doc or .pdf format to

Notice of acceptance will be sent by Wednesday, September 1, 2010.

*official name pending

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