About Us

The Society of Adventist Philosophers is a network of Seventh-day Adventist students and scholars who either hold a degree in philosophy, are involved in philosophical reflection or value the vocation of philosophical reflection. The society:

a) facilitates networking between Adventist scholars with an interest in the philosophical enterprise.

b) seeks to serve as a resource to the Church as it faces philosophical questions and challenges in its mission and assists in the development of a better self-understanding as well as an understanding of intellectual currents of culture and at large.

c) advocates for the study of philosophy at Adventist institutions of higher education in ways that are faithful to the goals of Adventist education.


Current Executive Committee/Officers (2019-2021)

President – Roy Benton, Ph.D.
Vice-President – Marina Garner Assis, M.A.
Secretary – Maury Jackson, Ph.D.
Treasurer – Yi Shen Ma, Ph.D.

Past officers

Abigail Doukhan, Ph.D.; Trisha Famisaran, Ph.D. (c); Oliver Glanz, Ph.D.; Timothy J. Golden, J.D./Ph.D.; Daryll Ward, Ph.D.; Zane Yi, Ph.D.


Past Conference Themes and Keynote Speakers

2019 – Truth Matters (David Bentley Hart, Ph.D.)

2018 – The End(s) of History (Merold Westphal, Ph.D.)

2017 – The Invisible Hand? (William Cavanaugh, Ph.D.)

2016 – Flourishing (Niels-Erik Andreasen, Ph.D.)

2015 – words and The Word (Richard Rice, Ph.D.)

2014 – Good with(out) God? (C. Stephen Evans, Ph.D.)

2013 – Essentialism, Race, and Gender (George Yancy, Ph.D.)

2012 – Foundationalism and Its Discontents (Nancey Murphy, Ph.D.)

2011 – Teaching Philosophy (Bruce Benson, Ph.D.)

2010 – Adventist and the Love of Wisdom (Christian Wannenmacher, Ph.D.)

2009 – Organizational meeting


For more information about the society, e-mail us at adventistphilosophy@gmail.com.

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