Society Gathers in Chicago for its Third Annual Symposium

December 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

2012 Group photo

From left to right (back): Ante Jeroncic, Charles Scriven, David Newman, Oliver Glanz, Ron Osborn, James Walter, Zane Yi, Timothy Golden, Nicolas Miller, Zack Plantak, David Trim, John Markovic, Hans Gutierrez, Gary Wood, Tennyson Samraj, Olive Hemming, Jim Londis, Phil Brantley, Bonnie Dwyer (front) Abigail Doukhan, Anne Collier-Freed, Nancey Murphy, Fritz Guy, Richard Rice (not pictured: Alex Carpenter, Doris Tetz Carpenter, Trisha Famisaren, Yi Shen Ma, Aleksander Santrac, and Daryl Ward) (photo by Alex Carpenter)

“As an Adventist doctoral student of philosopher Nancey Murphy at the tail end of the last century, I sought to redress in various ways the “discontents” accompanying modern foundationalist philosophical assumptions that shaped Adventist theology from its emergence in the nineteenth century.  Still on this quest today, I was grateful to be able to re-engage Murphy’s work at the last meeting of the Society of Adventist Philosophers. My short response to her presentation at this meeting (a version of which follows) only gestures toward ways her characterization of foundationalist and non-foundationalist philosophies might help Adventists to witness faithfully to Adventist truths in our postmodern world.  Yet I hope sharing these gestures will in some way spur on further reflection on the challenge and value of engaging in this kind of critical and constructive theological work by thinkers and leaders within the church…”

You can read the rest of Dr. Anne Collier-Freed’s reflections here.

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