Society Gathers in San Francisco for Second Annual Symposium

November 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

From left to right: Alex Carpenter, Roy Benton, Ben MacArthur, Fritz Guy, Zane Yi, Gary Wood, Abigail Doukhan, Trisha Famisaran, Zdrako Plantak, Ron Osborn, Shawna Vhymeister, Jim Londis, Ante Jeroncic, John Markovic, Tennyson Samraj (not pictured: Tiago Arrias, Bruce Benson, Bonnie Dwyer, Shirley Freed, Oliver Glanz, Hanz Gutierrez, Maury Jackson, Wonil Kim, Nicolas Miller, Gonzalo Pita, John Reeve, Richard Rice, Aleksandar S. Santrac, Charles Scriven, and James Walters.)

“A new intellectual force for good, truth and beauty is organizing in Adventism. Toward these ultimate ends, and for fellowship, dozens of folks of all ages have gathered in San Francisco for the second annual conference the Society of Adventist Philosophers. The papers and panel discussions focused often on the official topical question, does educating Seventh-day Adventists about philosophy offer promise or peril? Losely connected with the Adventist Society for Religious Studies, which meets as a part of the massive Society of Biblical Literature and American Academy of Religion meetings, this small group of Adventists interested in philosophy drew papers from faculty and administrators at a variety of Adventist educational institutions, including Southwestern, La Sierra, Pacific Union College, Kettering College of Medical Arts, Loma Linda University, Washington Adventist University, Andrews University, Canadian University College, and the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies in the Philippines…”

You can read more of Spectrum’s report of the conference here.

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